About Us

Touchpoint International Development Group, LLC (Touchpoint) is a consulting firm created to positively impact the way international organizations -both government and private –  assess, select, train, educate, and support their personnel living and working outside the United States.  Our services are designed to properly prepare personnel for work and life in different environments and cultures.  In addition, our technical services provide international organizations with valuable and relevant information to support the design and implementation of development projects.

Who We Are

Touchpoint is defined as the interface of a service before, during, and after a transaction.  With this concept as the cornerstone of our consulting firm, Touchpoint was formed in 2012 to assist international organizations in the selection, training, and care for their personnel working in foreign countries and, to help improve the design and implementation of development projects.  Understanding the need for expertise from different disciplines,  Touchpoint has cultivated a network of professionals including experts in rule of law, justice, democracy and governance, security and law enforcement, as well as physicians and psychologists.

What We Do

Touchpoint believes that successful organizations make an investment in their personnel by properly preparing them for both their job and life in a foreign country.  Knowing the culture, laws, and security environment of a country is essential for success.  Equally important, development projects themselves require proper planning, on-going assessments, and program evaluations to achieve long-term sustainability.  Touchpoint’s network of experts provide Consulting and Technical Services, Training and Educational Services, Assessment and Selection Services, as well as Counseling and Wellness Services to make your organization and personnel successful.


Touchpoint provides the highest level of professionalism in assessment, selection and training of personnel to live and work in a foreign country.  Our consulting and technical services are also aimed to improve the development and implementation of international development programs.  All of our services are tailored to meet your organization’s need.

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