Assessment & Selection Services

Touchpoint’s assessment and selection (A&S) process empowers leaders to make informed decisions regarding hiring and placing personnel using unparalleled empirical data.  Our experts use a multi-phase, hands-on, dynamic and holistic process that is not reliant on an individual’s prior knowledge or ability to perform specific tasks. The process is designed, instead, to expose the core traits of an individual that can be evaluated against the specific needs of any organization and mission.

Touchpoint incorporates standardized testing with operational/performance based events to evaluate the core traits of an individual including:

  • 01 Intelligence/ Critical Thinking
  • 02 Mental Flexibility
  • 03 Trainability
  • 04 Situational Awareness
  • 05 Behavioral Risk
  • 06 Emotional Control
  • 07 Autonomy
  • 08 Initiative/ Motivation
  • 09 Oral Communication Skills
  • 10 Written Communication Skills
  • 11 Social & Interpersonal Skills
  • 12 Social & Interpersonal Flexibility