Training & Educational Services

Touchpoint creates and provides country specific training for personnel living and working overseas including the country’s culture, legal structure, laws, security environment, and US foreign policy. For personnel working in the development field, Touchpoint provides additional country profiles on justice, rule of law, democracy and governance, security sector reform, and working in the Joint, Inter-Agency, Inter-Governmental, and Multi-National (JIIM) environment.


Touchpoint’s training and educational services are tailored to the client’s request and range from classroom instruction, scenario based training, hands-on practical exercises, to basic introductory primers and detailed handbooks on a specific legal or policy issue. Touchpoint’s professional experts provide both curriculum development and instructor/training/role player support to existing programs.  Through our Training & Educational Services, personnel are fully prepared for work and life in different environments and cultures.

Living in a Foreign Environment

Touchpoint offers courses that inform individuals about the country in which they will be living and working.  In addition, specialized courses that teach essential skills for living in unstable environments are available.

  • Cultural Awareness and Country Familiarization
  • Social media awareness
  • Computer and cell phone network and device defense
  • Mindset Awareness/Threat Prevention
  • Navigation Skills
  • Hostage and Crisis Awareness
  • Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance
  • Elicitation/Counter-elicitation
  • Emergency Medicine and Trauma Management
  • Driving in a Foreign Country
  • Weapons Familiarization
  • Basic Self-Defense
Justice Sector Country Briefings

Country specific briefings cover a Host Nation’s legal history, legal tradition, current legal framework, current state of criminal law, and any unique features of the country. US and international strategies, policies, and programmatic support to the Host Nation’s justice system are also available upon request.  For an example of a full scope manual see, The Rule of Law In Afghanistan: A Primer for Practitioners available here.

Joint, Inter-Agency, Inter-governmental, and Multi-National Environment

Working in today’s international development environment includes engagement at the JIIM level. Touchpoint provides instruction on the complex JIIM environment, including coordination and de-confliction with US government agencies, international organizations, and Host Nation partners.

The Rule of Law in Stability Operations

The rule of law is both a foundational element for establishing and maintaining democracy and economic growth, and the mechanism for protecting and enforcing fundamental political, social, and economic rights.  This course provides an overview of the rule of law, the role of rule of law in stability operations, and the importance of integrated civilian and military efforts.

International Legal Framework

Touchpoint provides a number of courses on the leading practices and international standards in criminal justice along with country specific information (as requested) and potential entry points for assistance programs. Available topics include:

  • International Human Rights: Standards and Leading Practices
  • Human Rights of Women and Rights of the Child
  • Transnational Crimes: Trafficking In Persons
  • Introduction to Comparative Legal Systems
  • Corruption
  • Fair Trial Standards
  • Custody Rights and Standards
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Election Dispute Resolution
  • Health Rights
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Rights in Extremis, Sanctions and Armed Conflict
  • Security Sector Reform